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Abstract Volume 2 Issue 1 (1997), S1430-4171(97)01109-6

Mnemonics for the Entire Periodic Table

Vasek A. Mezl

Department of Biochemistry, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ont. K1H 8M5, CANADA

Published online: 16 April 1997

Abstract. A mnemonic for the entire periodic table of the elements recalls the names and abbreviations of all the elements, their basic electron structures, and some properties. Elements are presented in chemically useful groupings with a method that allows one to position an element without recreating the entire table. With two additional lines one can derive all the major elements and the trace elements required by humans. Another verse identifies anomalies in orbital filling. The mnemonic and explanations can be fit on one double-sided page to provide a one-page reference.

Key Words:  In the Classroom; periodic table; mnemonic; general chemistry; teach; orbital; nutrition

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21vm1897.pdf (40 KB) 10.1007/s00897970109b

Issue date: April 16, 1997

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