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Abstract Volume 2 Issue 2 (1997), S1430-4171(97)02114-6

Chemistry on the Internet VIII: VSEPR Bond Angle Tutorial Pages Using a Chemscape Chime Script

Thomas Gardner

Department of Chemistry, Tennessee State University, 3500 John A. Merritt Blvd., Nashville, TN 37209

Published online: 26 June 1997

Abstract. In the previous installment of this column, a method was described for using the PickCallback function of MDL's Chemscape Chime to construct a WWW-based molecular geometry analysis tool. In this issue, an alternate method will be presented that makes use of Chime's built-in scripting instructions. Sample pages will be described in the context of a VSEPR tutorial, which a student might use to compare bond angles in molecules of different hybridizations.

Key Words:  Computers in Chemistry; MDL's Chemscape Chime; molecular geometry

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Issue date: June 26, 1997

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