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Abstract Volume 2 Issue 2 (1997), S1430-4171(97)02119-5

Travels with my Syllabi: The College Chemistry Consultantís Service (C3S)

Jeff C. Davis, Jr.

Department of Chemistry, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620-5250

Published online: 26 June 1997

Abstract. Whether preparing for ACS accreditation, seeking advice on curriculum reforms, or looking for ways to address departmental or administrative concerns, the American Chemical Societyís College Chemistry Consultantís Service (C3S) can be a valuable resource. For a very reasonable fee, a consultant, suited to your needs, can be selected. Professor Jeff Davis takes us on a tour of a typical visit and describes how a visiting C3S consultant can help you select the best method of arriving at the goals you have set.

Key Words:  Of Special Interest; accreditation; chemistry consultant; curriculum reform; articulation; safety

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Issue date: June 26, 1997

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