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Abstract Volume 4 Issue 4 (1999) pp 147-156

Aleksandr Abramovich Grinberg (1898-1966), Russian Coordination Chemist: A Centennial Retrospect

George B. Kauffman

Department of Chemistry, California State University, Fresno, Fresno, CA 93740-8034

Published online: 2 August 1999

Abstract. Aleksandr Abramovich Grinberg (1898-1966) was one of Russia's most prominent and prolific authorities on the chemistry of the platinum metals, particularly platinum. The life and work of this coordination chemist, about whom only two previous articles exist in English, is discussed in the present article.

Key Words:  Chemistry and History; history of chemistry; inorganic chemistry; coordination chemistry; platinum; stereochemistry; nuclear chemistry; Russian chemistry; kinetics; thermodynamics; oxidation-reduction reactions; ligands; substitution reactions

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Issue date: August 2, 1999

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