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Abstract Volume 5 Issue 2 (2000) pp 77-82

Physical Chemistry Online: Maximizing Your Potential

Deborah Sauder,* Marcy Towns, Betty Derrick, Alexander Grushow, Michael Kahlow, George Long, Danny Miles, George Shalhoub, Roland Stout, Michael Vaksman, William F. Pfeiffer, Gabriela Weaver, and Theresa Julia Zielinski

*Hood College, Department of Chemisty, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701-8575

Published online: 2 April 2000

Abstract. The Physical Chemistry On-Line (PCOL) consortium has developed and conducted a series of short-term projects for use in the physical chemistry curriculum. The projects involve faculty and students from geographically dispersed institutions, are short in duration (~46 weeks), and use email and the World Wide Web for communication and information distribution. They are designed to enhance physical chemistry at colleges and universities that may have limited resources available for physical chemistry by offering an alternate pedagogical approach. This paper will highlight the motivations of the participants, outline the specific projects used to date, and provide some evaluation of the pedagogical effectiveness of the approach.

Key Words:  Computers in Chemistry; physical chemistry; online instruction

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail: {

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Issue date: April 2, 2000

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