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Abstract Volume 5 Issue 2 (2000) pp 92-95

Development and Implementation of a New Industrial Internship Program in Polymer Synthesis and Processing

David R. Tyler,* David C. Johnson, and Michael M. Haley

Department of Chemistry and the Materials Science Institute, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403

Published online: 2 April 2000

Abstract. A new masterís level internship program in polymer synthesis and processing offered in the chemistry and physics departments at the University of Oregon is described. The program is designed to meet the needs of the burgeoning number of polymer and semiconductor companies that are moving into Oregon. Students with an undergraduate degree in chemistry or physics are admitted to the one- year program. The program starts with intensive coursework in the summer. In the fall, following the successful completion of their summer coursework, the students are placed in a local industrial laboratory for a period of about nine months. During this time they gain practical experience and knowledge. The students meet with their university committee and industrial supervisors once a month to turn in progress reports and give talks on their work. The possible pitfalls in setting up an internship program are discussed.

Key Words:  Of Special Interest; polymers; semiconductor; industry; industrial chemistry; master's degree

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Issue date: April 2, 2000

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