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Abstract Volume 5 Issue 4 (2000) pp 167-168

Classroom Innovation: Games to Make Chemistry More Interesting and Fun

Olga I. Pieroni,* Bruno M. Vuano, and Andres E. Ciolino

Instituto de Química Orgánica. Universidad Nacional del Sur. (8000) Bahía Blanca. Argentina

Published online: 1 August 2000

Abstract. Many students of agronomy engineering, who are required to take organic chemistry, find the class unpleasant and uninteresting because they feel forced to learn concepts that they regard as irrelevant to their career plans. When this lack of motivation is combined with limited self-discipline, students don't study and, thus, fail to learn the subject. This paper presents a method of adapting the course materials and methodology to the student's needs by the inclusion of appropriate games. These games help to create a less formal atmosphere and add variety to the class, and they can even be used as methods of evaluation. Students exposed to this method are more apt to experiment and participate freely in class.

Key Words:  In the Classroom; organic chemistry; games

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Issue date: August 1, 2000

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