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The Chemical Educator

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Abstract Volume 5 Issue 5 (2000) pp 246-251

Design of an Asynchronous Internet-Based Course for Advanced Placement Chemistry Teachers

William R. Robinson

Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, 1393 Brown Building, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Published online: 6 August 2000

Abstract. This paper may be of particular interest to readers who are interested in designing the non-laboratory portion of an Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry workshop and/or interested in a basic design for a simple asynchronous distance-learning Web site. The design, organization, delivery, and results of a course for high school AP chemistry teachers are presented. The course, Concepts of AP Chemistry, was delivered as an eight-week summer program by a combination of two methods: a textbook and the Internet. Its principal objectives were to help teachers to review selected concepts; to understand the breadth, depth, and subtlety of the AP examination as well as the motivation, ability, and dedication required of AP students; and to access course-related information via the Internet. A secondary objective was to expand the participants’s familiarity with technology suitable for use in their courses. A Web site and list server were used for communication. The Web site was the source of assignments and links to resources. E-mail and the list server were used to discuss assignments and to post questions and comments from participants. Participants returned assignments by email.

Key Words: Computers in Chemistry; high school

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Issue date: October 2, 2000

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