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Abstract Volume 6 Issue 3 (2001) pp 168-171

A Simple and Inexpensive Alternative to a Medium-Pressure Hydrogenation Shaker-Type Apparatus

Douglas C. Smith,* John H. Craig, and Stanley E. Hill, III

Department of Chemistry, California State University, San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA 92407
Received September 25, 2000. Accepted November 15, 2000

Published online: 27 April 2001

Abstract. Materials and directions for the assembly of a safe and low-cost medium-pressure hydrogenator are provided. Most items required for the construction of this apparatus were readily available at local home improvement stores. The apparatus was tested at a pressure of 60 psi, and typical experiments were performed at 60 psi.

Key Words:  Laboratories and Demonstrations; inorganic chemistry; organic chemistry; catalytic; hydrogenation

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: June 1, 2001

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