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Abstract Volume 7 Issue 1 (2002) pp 27-32

A Convenient ar-SE Laboratory Experiment Avoiding the Use of Sulfuric Acid: the Nitration of Diphenylmethane in CH2Cl2

Angelo G. Giumanini,* Paola Geatti and Giancarlo Verardo

Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, University of Udine, Via del Cotonificio 108, I - 33100 UDINE
Received May 24, 2001. Accepted September 21, 2001

Published online: 1 February 2002

Abstract. The nitration of diphenylmethane to three main isomeric dinitro derivatives, performed with nitric acid in dichloromethane, is proposed as an organic laboratory experiment showing a number of advantages over typical aromatic nitrations in sulfuric acid.

Key Words:  Laboratories and Demonstrations; organic chemistry; diphnylmethane; nitration; dichloromethane; mass spectrometry; gas chromatography; proton NMR

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Issue date: February 1, 2002

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