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Abstract Volume 9 Issue 5 (2004) pp 297-302

Comparative Study of the Use of Microscale versus Macroscale Techniques in the Experimental Determination of Partial Molar Volumes of Methanol and Water Solutions

M. Teresa Moran-Moran and Margarita Hernandez-Esparza*

Departamento de Ingeniería y Ciencias Químicas, Universidad Iberoamericana, A.C., Prol. Paseo de la Reforma No. 880, México, D.F. 01210, México,
Received February 27, 2004. Accepted August 5, 2004.

Published online: 1 October 2004

Abstract. Based on experimental results obtained by several groups of our students, we compare the experimental response of macro- and microscale experimental techniques for the determination of the partial molar volumes of methanol and water solutions and demonstrate some of  the advantages of the use of the microscale technique. Also, a statistical comparative study, as a tool of comparison of the use of the two techniques in carrying out the partial molar volumes experiment is presented.

Key Words: Laboratories and Demonstrations; physical chemistry; partial molar volumes; statistical analysis; methanol–water solutions; microscale techniquethermodynamics

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: October 1, 2004

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