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Abstract Volume 10 Issue 2 (2005) pp 145-150

In Memoriam Levi Tansjö (1929–2003), Chemist and Historian of Chemistry: A Personal Tribute

George B. Kauffman,* Horst Remane, and Jan Sandström

Department of Chemistry, California State University, Fresno, CA 93740-8034,; Fachgruppe Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, D-06099 Halle/Saale, Bundesrepublik Deutschland,; and Organic Chemistry I, Chemical Center, Lunds Universitet, S-22100 Lund, Sweden,

Published online: 14 March 2005

Abstract. The life, career, and contributions of Swedish chemist and historian of science Levi Tansjö are recounted.

Key Words: Chemistry and History; biography; history of chemistry; history of science; organic chemistry; physical chemistry; lanthanides; swedish chemistry; history of chemistry.

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: April, 1 2005

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