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Abstract Volume 10 Issue 4 (2005) pp 257-259

The Buffer Capacity of Arbitrary Salts

Guido Frison* and Alberto Calatroni

ISISS Daverio, Varese, Italy and Politecnico of Milan, Italy,
Received January 19, 2005. Accepted March 7, 2005.

Published online: 11 July 2005

Abstract. The buffer capacity of the aqueous solution of an arbitrary salt is an additive function of the buffer capacities of the single species present in solution. Given the acid from which the different anions can conceptually originate, we demonstrate that the buffer capacity of each anion, whatever its charge, can be computed by means of a function previously reported.

Key Words: In the Classroom; analytic chemistry; buffers

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Issue date: August 1, 2005

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