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Abstract Volume 10 Issue 5 (2005) pp 348-356

Microscale Environmental Chemistry: Part 4. Experimental Transitions in a Potential versus pH (Pourbaix Diagram)

Jorge G. Ibanez,* Karla Garcia, and Patricia Balderas-Hernandez

Centro Mexicano de Quimica en Microescala. Depto. de Ing. y Ciencias Quimicas. Universidad Iberoamericana. Prolongacion Reforma 880, 01210 Mexico, D.F. Mexico,
Received September 27, 2004. Accepted February 14, 2005.

Published online: 31 August 2005

Abstract. Using simple equipment in a three-hour undergraduate laboratory session, the copper/water system is used for the observation of 10 chemical/electrochemical transitions using a potential versus pH diagram, also called a Pourbaix diagram.

Key Words: Laboratories and Demonstrations; general chemistry; analytic chemistry; electrochemistry; inorganic chemistry

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Issue date: October 1, 2005

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