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Abstract Volume 11 Issue 5 (2006) pp 348-354

Introduction to Precipitation and Solubility Within a Computer-Enriched Module for Analytical Chemistry

Inci MORGİL1,*, John H. PENN2, Nilgün SEÇKEN1 and Özge ÖZYALÇIN OSKAY1

1Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry Education Ankara/Turkey, 2West Virginia University, Department of Chemistry, Morgantown, WV 26506-6045 USA,
Received April 27, 2005. Accepted September 15,2006

Published online: 1 October 2006

Abstract. A Web-based course was developed in order to improve university students’ knowledge concerning precipitation and solubility in analytical chemistry. This course was designed to enhance students’ achievement by promoting individual and student-centered learning through the use of a series of Web-based modules in the subject area. A chemistry achievement test of ten questions was developed and administered as a pretest of student knowledge in the general area of solubility and precipitation. Eighty-four students were randomly divided into two groups, consisting of 42 students each. One group, referred to hereafter as the experimental group, learned about the specified material by way of the Web-based course that was developed for this study. The second group, referred to hereafter as the control group, was traditionally taught using a lecture format. The increase in the achievement of the control and experimental groups was then assessed through the administration of the chemistry achievement test of ten questions being used as a posttest. Significant differences in group achievement scores, favoring the experimental group, were observed between the post-test achievement averages of the control group and the treatment group.

Key Words: Research in Teaching and Learning; analytical chemistry

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: October 1, 2006

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