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Abstract Volume 12 Issue 3 (2007) pp 150-151

Ground State Energy of the Beryllium Atom and Beryllium-Like Atoms “Using the Bohr Theory”

A. Saleh-Jahromi* and J. Phillips

Department of Physics; Loyola Marymount University,Los Angeles, CA 90045-8227,
Received October 11, 2006. Accepted February 7, 2007.

Published online: 4 June 2007

Abstract. The ground state energies, E0, of the helium atom, the helium and helium-like ions: Li+, Be²+, etc.; the lithium atom; and the lithium and lithium-like ions: Be+, B²+, etc.  have been previously calculated using the Bohr Theory. In this paper, The ground-state energies, E0,of the beryllium atom, beryllium, and the beryllium-like anions, B+, C²+, etc have been calculated.

Key Words: In the Classroom; phyiscal chemistry; quantum

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: June 1, 2007

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