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Abstract Volume 12 Issue 3 (2007) pp 190-194

Analytical Chemistry Computational Experiments. An Educational Kinetic Study Using Matlab Programming

Anunciación Espinosa-Mansilla, Arsenio Muñoz De La Peña, Florentina Cañada-Cañada Diego Bohoyo-Gil and David González-Gómez*

Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Extremadura, 06071 Badajoz, Spain and Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195-1700, USA,
Received June 16, 2006. Accepted March 12, 2007.

Published online: 4 June 2007

Abstract. Currently, computational calculation is a common tool in chemistry laboratories and students need the knowledge and skill to perform statistical and software programming. A great number of software commercial packages are available to perform different mathematical and statistical tasks but, quite often, specific studies need a more appropriate one. Acquiring new software for every new situation is not suitable. It is better for students to learn to develop the software for specific needs. The students need to be able to solve computational problems by themselves. The use of MATLAB allows the calculation and resolution of complex statistical and mathematical operations with very simple programming commands. In this paper, an experimental problem, the calculations of kinetics parameters for an oxidation reaction, is solved using MATLAB code written for this purpose.

Key Words: Computers in Chemistry; analytic chemistry; diffusion, redox reactions; electrochemistry

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Issue date: June 1, 2007

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