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Abstract Volume 13 Issue 4 (2008) pp 244-247

The Conductivity of Strong Electrolytes: A Computer Simulation in LabVIEW

A.Belletti, R. Borromei* and G.Ingletto

Dipartimento di Chimica Generale ed Inorganica, Chimica Analitica e Chimica Fisica, Parco Area delle Scienze 17/A, 43100,† Parma, Italy,
Received September 25, 2007. Accepted December 17, 2007.

Published online: 21 July 2008

Abstract. In this article, we report the results of the development and the realization of the program CONDSIM using the National Instrumentís LabVIEW software. The LabVIEW software permits the students to simulate the technique utilized in the laboratory to measure the strong electrolyte conductivity as a function of concentration and temperature. The program has been set up so that the student can work as if in a real laboratory, including mistakes usually made in this kind of measurement. The program CONDSIM.EXE and a PDF version of the instructorís manual, CONDSIMINSTR.PDF, describing the simulation experience are available as supporting material.

Key Words: Computers in Chemistry; physical chemistry; computer-based learning; equilibrium; student-centered learning ; electrochemistry, analytical chemistry

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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Supporting Materials:

The program CONDSIM.EXE and the PDF version of the instructorís manual, CONDSIMINSTR.PDF, are available as supporting material (851 KB)

Issue date: August 1, 2008

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