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The Chemical Educator

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Abstract Volume 14 Issue 3 (2009) pp 145-149

Building Strong Bonds: Chem Club in the Classroom

Sunghee Lee

Department of Chemistry, Iona College, 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801,
Received February 24, 2009, Accepted April 24, 2009.

Published online: 6 June 2009

Abstract. We describe successful and transferable strategies for simultaneously bonding Chemistry Club members to first-year chemistry students in creative and instructive ways. Our program involves directly linking the Chemistry Club to the first-year chemistry classroom, with regularly planned educational activities. We outline a cycle of activities to be performed by a student affiliates chapter, which have been found to have a positive effect upon recruitment of chapter members, while simultaneously affording an enjoyable and enhanced educational experience for first-year chemistry students. We have found that by extending their social valence to first-year chemistry students through regular, planned interactions, clubs can enhance their own esteem as well as plant the seeds of their future sustainability.

Key Words: Of Special Interest; first-year chemistry; chemistry clubs

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Issue date: June 6, 2009

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