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Abstract Volume 16 (2011) pp 12-17

Using Online Homework in Physical Chemistry

Cynthia M. Woodbridge

Department of Chemistry and Life Science, United States Military Academy, Building 753, Room 400, West Point NY 10996-1905,
Received August 26, 2010. Accepted September 23, 2010.

Published: 4 February 2011

Abstract. Students perceive Physical Chemistry to be a difficult course. One approach to reducing student anxiety is to provide them more opportunities to do problems they are likely to encounter on examinations. Daily online homework was used to increase the studentsí practice with problems and incorporate conceptual questions into homework. Although students did approximately four times the problems with online homework than with pencil-and-paper homework, the averages in courses using pencil-and-paper versus online homework were comparable. However, students who did daily online homework assignments felt, based on free-form comments in an online survey, that it helped them keep up with the material and prepared them for examinations.

Key Words: In the Classroom; physical chemistry; course-management software

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