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Abstract Volume 18 (2013) pp 006-008
DOI 10.1007/s00897132455a

Carl Runge and the Periodic Table

Fathi Habashi*,† and Valery Tsimmerman

†Laval University, Quebec City, Canada,; ‡West Friendship, Maryland 21794-9501, USA,
Received November 25, 2012. Accepted November 30, 2012.

Published: 26 January 2013

Abstract. German mathematician, physicist, and spectroscopist Carl Runge (1856–1927) found a relation between atomic weights of some elements in the Periodic Table and their spectral lines. Runges reasoning, however, does not work for Ra and Be in the group of the alkaline earths. It is believed that there is no much value in Runges method, except, perhaps, historical. However, a possibility of relationship between spectral line distances and the atomic numbers based on the Runges method should be investigated.

Key Words: Chemistry and History; Carl Runge; periodic table; atomic weights; atomic numbers; alkaline earths

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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