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Abstract Volume 19 (2014) pp 252-256

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845–1923) at the University of Strasbourg: A Retrospective View for the 2014 International Year of Crystallography

Jean-Pierre Adloff andGeorge B. Kauffman*

Honorary Professor, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France F-67100,; Department of Chemistry, California State University, Fresno, Fresno, CA 93740-8034,

Published: 22 August 2014

Abstract. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845–1923) received the very first Nobel Prize in Physics “for the discovery of the remarkable rays subsequently named after him.” However, even before his discovery of X-rays in 1895, he had already achieved Nobel-caliber contributions during his time at the German University of Strasbourg and the Universities of Gießen and Würzburg. This article considers his early life and career with emphasis on his work in Strasbourg.

Key Words: Chemistry and History; Biography; Nobel Prizes; Strasbourg; Straßburg; Annexation of Alsace to Germany; Return of Alsace to France

(*) Corresponding author. (E-mail:

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