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The Chemical Educator

ISSN: 1430-4171 (electronic version)

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Abstract Volume 20 (2015) pp 21-24

GOB Chemistry: Nurses Tell Us What They Need to Know

Ariel Chomey and Laura Frost*

Whitaker Center for STEM Education, Florida Gulf Coast University, 10501 FGCU Blvd. S, Ft. Myers, FL 33965,

Published: 30 January 2015

Abstract. A nationwide, online survey of practicing nurses was conducted to better understand what chemistry topics nurses consider foundational and important to their practice. Interviews of nursing graduate students and nursing faculty offer insight into survey responses. The topics surveyed appear to be important and foundational to nursing practice and align well with earlier surveys in the literature with biochemical topics being the most important.

Key Words: Of Special Interest; GOB chemistry; nursing; mechanical turk; nonmajor course

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