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Abstract Volume 20 (2015) pp 271-275

Hydrolysis of Egg White Protein Using Proteinase in Cleaning Materials

Toratane Munegumi*, Masato Inutsuka and Yukitaka Hayafuji

Department of Science Education, Naruto University of Education, Naruto, Tokushima 772-8502, Japan,
Received April 12, 2015. Accepted August 13, 2015.

Published: 9 October 2015

Abstract. The topic ‘Enzymes’ is usually considered more appropriate educational content for teaching biology rather than chemistry. However, the use of enzymes as reagents implies their relevance to chemistry as well as to biology. Cleaning materials containing enzymes are examples. This research addresses the educational utilization of proteinase, which is one of the enzymes included in cleaning materials for use in dishwashers. The appropriate extent of dilution for cleaning materials as a catalyst and for egg white as a substrate was examined using test paper impregnated with tetrabromophenol blue, whose absorbance at 590 nm can be used to observe the hydrolysis of egg-white protein using the cleaning material.

Key Words: Laboratories and Demonstrations; general chemistry

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