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Abstract Volume 25 (2020) pp 184-193

It’s Easy Being Green: A Snapshot of a Professional Development Program Focused on Greener Laboratory Options in the Chemistry Classroom through the Lens of a Titrimetric Analysis of Milk of Magnesia and Vinegar

Maria Danielle Garrett

Department of Chemistry and Physics, Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, Tennessee 37212,
Received July 12, 2020. Accepted August 30, 2020.

Published: 1 December 2020

Abstract. Student and teacher safety, access to laboratory supplies and waste disposal services, and budgets are just a few factors that may impact and influence how much or even if lab experiments and activities are used in the chemistry classroom. “It’s Easy Being Green: Budget-Friendly Safety-Conscious Chemistry Labs for the Secondary Science Classroom of Today” was developed to provide quality, accessible and cost-efficient hands-on chemistry professional development opportunities for middle and high school science teachers. Since 2015, almost 20 laboratory experiments or activities – for all levels of chemistry content – have been developed for this workshop series. One experiment – the titration of milk of magnesia with 5% acetic acid white vinegar, using a red cabbage leaf indicator – is detailed in this paper. Instructions regarding instructor preparation, pre-lab questions, data analysis and post-lab question are included. Results for the concentration of acetic acid in white vinegar (0.93 + 0.15 M (three trials) and 0.85 + 0.04 M (treating the first trial as a pilot)) were consistent with the theoretical value (0.833 M). The experimentally determined equivalence point (pH = ~ 7) was also found to be reproducible, using pH data collected both from pH paper and a digital pH meter.

Key Words: Laboratories and Demonstrations; general chemistry; inservice teacher professional development; chemistry; chemical reactions; acid-base; titrations; laboratory experiments; green labs; physical science; high school; curriculum; NGSS

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Supporting Materials:

The Supporting Materials include the old state standards (provided to teachers in 2015 for the “Acid-Base Titrations: Unknown Concentrations and Titration Curves” laboratory experiment) as compared to the current state standards. (183 KB)

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