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The Chemical Educator

ISSN: 1430-4171 (electronic version)

Table of Contents Vol. 2 Issue 4

From the Editor

Clifford LeMaster, Editor-in-Chief:
The Value of Undergraduate Research
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04136-1
DOI 10.1333/s00897970136a
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In the Classroom

T. C. Werner* and Mary K. Carroll:
The Evolution of a Laboratory Syllabus for Quantitative Analysis
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04139-9
DOI 10.1333/s00897970139a
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Brian P. Coppola:
Progress in Practice: Can Undergraduate Student Affiliate Groups Survive After the (Re)Energizers Graduate?
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04132-5
DOI 10.1333/s00897970132a
Article in PDF format (12 KB)

George M. Bodner* and Roland B. Guay:
The Purdue Visualization of Rotations Test
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04138-X
DOI 10.1333/s00897970138a
Article in PDF format (106 KB)

Janusz Pawliszyn,* Barbara Pawliszyn and Michael Pawliszyn:
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME)
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04137-0
DOI 10.1333/s00897970137a
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Laboratories and Demonstrations

S. Lau, J. Right, K. Stavens, J. Whitaker, Z. Liu, and J. Lauterbach*:
"Do-It-Yourself" Attenuated Total Reflectance Cell Designed and Constructed in a Laboratory Course: A Versatile and Economical Alternative to Commercial Designs
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)03140-X
DOI 10.1333/s00897970140a
Article in PDF format (342 KB)

Thomas G. Drummond, William L. Lockhart, Spencer J. Slattery, Farooq A. Khan, and Andrew J. Leavitt*:
Periodate Titration of Fe(II) in Acid Aqueous Solutions: An Environmentally Friendly Redox Reaction for the Undergraduate Laboratory
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04134-3
DOI 10.1333/s00897970134a
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Brian W. Pfennig,* Terry L. Newirth, and Scott A. Van Arman:
Synthesis, Characterization, and Luminescence Properties of Anthrylpolyamines: An Experiment for an Integrated, Advanced Laboratory Course
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04131-6
DOI 10.1333/s00897970131a
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Computers in Chemistry

Jeffrey R. Bocarsly* and Carl W. David*:
Evaluating Experiment with Computation in Physical Chemistry: The Particle-In-A-Box Model with Cyanine Dyes
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04135-2
DOI 10.1333/s00897970135a
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Of Special Interest

Jonathan M. Irish, Suzanne A. Blum, and Rebecca A. Ihrie:
ACS Student Affiliates at University of Michigan Use Their Passion for Chemistry to Inspire the Community and Other Students
Chem. Educator 2 (1997) 4, S1430-4171(97)04133-4
DOI 10.1333/s00897970133a
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Online publication: October 3, 1997

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