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Abstract Volume 1 Issue 2 (1996), S1430-4171(96)02030-4

An Update and An Offering

Clifford LeMaster, Editor-in-Chief

Boise State University, Boise, ID 83725, USA

Published online: 25 May 1996

Abstract. Athough the "From the Editor" column is not intended to be a regular feature, I thought that it was important to let you know about important changes that have been made in order to make articles easier and faster to download. Also, The Chemical Educator forums and other features will continue to be available to registered guests as well as to subscribers. (After June 17, subscribers will have access to complete articles and associated files; guests will have access to tables of contents and abstracts, but will not be able to retrieve articles). Finally, I offer a "mostly organic" crossword puzzle for both you and your studentsí Summer enjoyment.

Key Words:  From the Editor; editorial; organic; crossword; puzzle

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Issue date: May 25, 1996

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