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The Chemical Educator

ISSN: 1430-4171 (electronic version)

Table of Contents Vol. 1 Issue 1

From the Editor

Clifford LeMaster, Editor-in-Chief:
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01001-1
DOI 10.1333/s00897960001a
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In the Classroom

Jeffery A. Greathouse:
Group Theory Calculations Involving Linear Molecules
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01005-9
DOI 10.1333/s00897960005a
Article in PDF format (127 KB)

Mark S. Cracolice* and Stephen M. Roth:
Keller's "Old" Personalized System of Instruction: A "New" Solution for Today's College Chemistry Students
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01004-7
DOI 10.1333/s00897960004a
Article in PDF format (139 KB)

Donald A. McQuarrie:
The Kronig-Penney Model: A Single Lecture Illustrating the Band Structure of Solids
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01003-5
DOI 10.1333/s00897960003a
Article in PDF format (217 KB)

Brian P. Coppola:
Progress in Practice: Exploring the Cooperative and Collaborative Dimensions of Group Learning
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01006-0
DOI 10.1333/s00897960006a
Article in PDF format (90 KB)

Martin E. Schimpf:
Tutorial: Field-Flow Fractionation
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01015-1
DOI 10.1333/s00897960015a
Article in PDF format (193 KB)

David Gosser, Vickie Roth,* Leo Gafney, Jack Kampmeier, Victor Strozak, Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Stanley Radel, and Michael Weiner:
Workshop Chemistry: Overcoming the Barriers to Student Success
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01002-3
DOI 10.1333/s00897960002a
Article in PDF format (108 KB)

Laboratories and Demonstrations

Joseph Casanova* and Linda Tunstad:
A Practical Test of Organic Chemistry Laboratory Skills
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01007-2
DOI 10.1333/s00897960007a
Article in PDF format (89 KB)

Eugene T. Smith:
The Salting Out of Ethanol and Water
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01009-6
DOI 10.1333/s00897960009a
Article in PDF format (43 KB)

Patrick H. Dussault* and Kevin R. Woller:
Simple Procedures for Quantification and Reuse of Common Organic Solvent Mixtures
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01008-4
DOI 10.1333/s00897960008a
Article in PDF format (79 KB)

Computers in Chemistry

Thomas G. Gardner:
Chemistry and the Internet: I. A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01a11-4
DOI 10.1333/s00897960a11a
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Mervin P. Hanson:
Computer Algebra Systems in Physical Chemistry
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01011-4
DOI 10.1333/s00897960011a
Article in PDF format (199 KB)

Brian M. Tissue,* Ronald Earp, and Ching-Wan Yip:
Design and Student Use of World Wide Web-Based Prelab Exercises
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01010-2
DOI 10.1333/s00897960010a
Article in PDF format (575 KB)

Marie L. Carman and Thomas G. Chasteen*:
Spreadsheet Approach to the Linear Least Squares Fit
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01012-6
DOI 10.1333/s00897960012a
Article in PDF format (139 KB)

Chemistry and History

Sharon Bertsch McGrayne:
Gertrude Belle Elion: Biochemist, Nobel Prize 1988
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01014-X
DOI 10.1333/s00897960014a
Article in PDF format (1 MB)

Of Special Interest

S.K. Airee,* Richard H. Black III, and Chablis P. Patrick:
Outstanding Student Affiliate Chapters Generate a Special Chemistry and Enhance Chemical Literacy
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01016-3
DOI 10.1333/s00897960016a
Article in PDF format (861 KB)

John G. Stevens:
What’s CUR?
Chem. Educator 1 (1996) 1, S1430-4171(96)01017-5
DOI 10.1333/s00897960017a
Article in PDF format (75 KB)

Online publication: March 25, 1996

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