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The Chemical Educator

ISSN: 1430-4171 (electronic version)

Table of Contents Vol. 3 Issue 4

In the Classroom

Richard Pendarvis:
Infrared-Spectroscopy Checkers
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04234-3
DOI 10.1333/s00897980234a
Article in PDF format (34 KB)

Kelley Kreke and Marcy Hamby Towns*:
Student Perspectives of Small-Group Learning Activities
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04232-5
DOI 10.1333/s00897980232a
Article in PDF format (104 KB)

John J. Sczepanski* and Mark A. Holland:
The Transmutation of Wax: A Lesson in Experimental Design and Controls
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04237-0
DOI 10.1333/s00897980237a
Article in PDF format (70 KB)

Laboratories and Demonstrations

James L. Roark and Michael D. Mosher*:
An Advanced Undergraduate Experiment in 2-D NMR
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04229-6
DOI 10.1333/s00897980229a
Article in PDF format (143 KB)

Rodney L. Eisenberg:
Asymmetric Reduction of Acetophenone with (-)-b-chlorodiisopinocampheylborane, and Derivatization with (-)-Menthyl Chloroformate. An Undergraduate Organic Synthesis, GC Analysis, and Molecular Modeling Project.
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04236-1
DOI 10.1333/s00897980236a
Article in PDF format (159 KB)

J. M. Pigos and J. L. Musfeldt*:
Preparation and Separation of C60 Photopolymers for the Physical Chemistry Instructional Laboratory
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04233-4
DOI 10.1333/s00897980233a
Article in PDF format (101 KB)

Scott A. Riley, Allison Noble, Jonathan Crabb, Travis Walkup, Douglas Jones, and A. M. Nishimura:
A Variation of the Speed of Sound Experiment
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04235-2
DOI 10.1333/s00897980235a
Article in PDF format (83 KB)

Computers in Chemistry

Susan B. Rempe* and Hannes Jónsson:
A Computational Exercise Illustrating Molecular Vibrations and Normal Modes
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04231-6
DOI 10.1333/s00897980231a
Article in PDF format (187 KB)

Media Reviews

Reviewed by Hugh Cartwright:
A Working Method Approach for Introductory Physical Chemistry Calculations by Brian Murphy, Clair Murphy, and Brian J. Hathaway
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04225-X
DOI 10.1333/s00897980225a
Article in HTML format

Reviewed by Frank R. Gorga:
Instant Notes in Biochemistry by B. D. Hames, N. M. Hooper and J. D. Houghton
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04226-9
DOI 10.1333/s00897980226a
Article in HTML format

Reviewed by Daniel J. Berger:
The Macrogalleria (Web Site)
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04227-8
DOI 10.1333/s00897980227a
Article in HTML format

Reviewed by George B. Kauffman and Laurie M. Kauffman:
A Chemist in the White House: From the Manhattan Project to the End of the Cold War by Glenn T. Seaborg
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04224-0
DOI 10.1333/s00897980224a
Article in HTML format

Reviewed by Peter Marrs:
Beginning Organic Chemistry 2 - Workbooks in Chemistry by Graham L. Patrick
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04223-1
DOI 10.1333/s00897980223a
Article in HTML format

Reviewed by George R. Long:
Principles of Reaction Kinetics by P. G. Ashmore
Chem. Educator 4 (1998) 4, S1430-4171(98)04228-7
DOI 10.1333/s00897980228a
Article in HTML format

Online publication: August 3, 1998

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